Event Calendar

Board Meetings 3rd Wednesday of the month


14th- Corporate sporting event (Closed to sporting clays)

17th-18th NSSA skeet event (Limited shooting)

18th NSCA event (closed to sporting clays)

22nd-25th- SCTP State Skeet (Club Closed)


9th- NSSA Event (limited shooting)

20th-23rd- NSCA State Sporting Clays (Club Closed)


5th- Club Championship (Open shoot)

18th-20th- ISSA State Skeet (Club closed)

27th- NSSA event (Limited shooting)


1st-3rd- Grizzly skeet shoot (Club Closed)

9th- Simpson Highschool Showcase (Club Closed)

15th- Boy Scouts (Limited shooting)

Ronald McDonald (Limited shooting)


Master Builders of Iowa (Limited shooting)

DNR collegiate state shoot (Club Closed)


Please call ahead on all event days to make sure your shotgun sports game of choice is available. Some events cause us to close the club for the day or cause congestion to normal activity. Thank you!